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Writer Director James Lay Winner at LA Music Awards-Releasing Sci Fi film

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Writer Director Composer James Lay

07/05/2022, Las Vegas, Nevada // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

Writer, Director, Composer and Producer James Lay has an emotionally powerful science fiction film called “The Other Side of Infinity” releasing later this year. James, a multi-instrumentalist, Engineer and Producer won the Los Angeles Music Awards in his previous career as a music producer. James, previously a Sound Designer/Rerecording Mixer, has over 50 feature film credits having multiple #1 films. In recent years James has been a Professor for the Masters in Film Program for the largest private Art and Design University in the Country. “The Other Side of Infinity” Produced by Hollywood Access’s Dr. Sabra Smith and Dr. Gem Wiltshire in association with Blue Voodoo Productions is a film about the last day of the sun. It follows four storylines moving non linear in time, three time periods; present day, 1960′s and 1700′s. A powerfully reflective commentary on today’s troubled world delivered in a book ended interwoven narrative, this stylized film introduces powerful emotional performances from newcomers Katrina Kaevich, Bobby Lang, Belle Lundon and Michael Solomon among others. The film features beautiful Visual FX sequences of space utilizing brand new 3D technologies created by visual FX Supervisors Maulik Majmudar and Colin Main as well as a powerful impactful Atmos Sound Mix Supervised by Director James Lay and mixed by Glen Matisoff. ADVERTISEMENT James Lay’s next film “Astral Plane Viking”, an intergalactic Sci Fi Love is in development now for a 2024 release. Here is the latest trailer for “The Other Side Infinity” introducing the character “Darlene”: Here is the song “Love is the Way” from the soundtrack Album for the film featuring Director James Lay on guitars and John Phelps on Lead Vocals: James Lay imdb link: For Press or Screening Inquiries contact: Michael Weinberg Management Source: James Lay/Blue Voodoo Productions

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